036: Adding Springboards to Your Productivity Systems

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036: Adding Springboards to Your Productivity Systems

It’s common to feel overwhelmed or unsure where to begin when setting goals and trying to get started on tasks. Set yourself up for success by creating springboards for your personalized systems. The best part? There are many different kinds of springboards that you can learn about and implement today. Your processes will now work more effectively and you’ll stay on track with your priorities, goals and projects.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • Learn which areas in your life you should create springboards for.
  • How the domino effect can work for your springboards and lifestyle.
  • How to find ‘bottlenecks’ in your systems and ways to move forward from them.
  • Examples of springboards in your business, work and home that will allow you to work more effectively.

What To Do Next:

  • Listen to Episode 031: Creating Habits – The Formula for Success (link below!)
  • Listen to Episode 029: Batching Tasks – Your Best Work in Less Time (link below!)
  • Use this episode and the resources below to create your own springboards for your personalized systems. Focus on just one system first. Which system do you want to make better through streamlining and springboards?

Resources and Links

  • Listen to Episode 029 to learn how to batch your tasks (Plus there’s a free download for you!)
  • Listen to Episode 031 and use the effective formula for creating and maintaining good habits.
  • Use springboards in your everyday life:
    • Batch Tasks for work: group one big task into subtasks that will make your process much more effective.
    • Use equipment or tools that will act as a springboard. For example, for business at home, instead of printing out labels and then taping them on each package, we invested in a label printer to streamline our shipping.
    • Meal prep by grouping tasks such as grocery shopping or chopping vegetables on particular days for the week. Try grouping ingredients together in the pantry based on what meal they will be for.
    • Delegate bits of your tasks or processes to others – employees, children, spouses, friends, etc. This will give you momentum to get started on what you need to do.
    • Automate your springboards. For example, if you want to exercise more, but your home gym or workout area is always messy, plan to clean that room every Monday (or whichever day that works best for you) so that you’re motivated to get in your workout.
  • You might have more than one system in more areas that need springboards, but let’s start with just one. Focus on one because I want you to have the freedom to play around with it first and really make your system your own before you try doing too much with all of your systems. We don’t want to overwhelm ourselves by doing too much at once.

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton