056: Ask Tonya: Creating Harmony Now For Your Future Self

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056: Ask Tonya: Creating Harmony Now For Your Future Self

Learn how your actions today will affect your future self in today’s Ask Tonya Q&A episode. I’m answering listener’s questions about how to stop your patterns of procrastination and analysis paralysis so that your ideas and goals are in reach. We’ll focus on intentionally taking action and working with our families to create routines now and maintaining harmony going forward.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • My best advice on how to stop your pattern of procrastination, allowing you to put important tasks at the top of your priority list instead of immediate or urgent items.
  • A 5-minute rule and more tips on how to banish analysis paralysis, organize your lifestyle and go after your ideas or passions.
  • How to instill productivity and mindful living into your kids… and that includes allowing them to understand their options and deal with ‘failure.’
  • Intentionally transitioning between your roles at work and at home by creating harmony and focusing on each.

What To Do Next:

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  • How to STOP your patterns of procrastination:
    • First forgive yourself for your tendency to procrastinate.
    • Ask yourself: What am I doing right now? You’ll see the activities you consistently do that keep you from the task at hand.
    • Put on music to help your brain stop looking for distractions in other places, like social media, so you can concentrate on real work.

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Tonya Dalton