034: Ask Tonya: Customizing Systems to Your Lifestyle

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034: Ask Tonya: Customizing Systems to Your Lifestyle

How do we create and implement systems so that they are personalized and actually work for our environment? I’m answering listener questions about keeping up with systems when life happens or urgent items can get in the way. In today’s episode, you’ll be able to relate to these real-life questions and examples of how you can maintain your customized systems with good habits through using actionable strategies.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • How to maintain customized systems when your schedule is inconsistent or hectic.
  • Using your mission statement for daily planning to push you to your overall goals.
  • How productivity is about making time for yourself and hobbies, not just getting more done.
  • Ways to talk to your employer/manager about a monotasking system in the workplace with boundaries and without distractions.
  • How to implement organizing, cleaning and productivity into your household with spouses and children.

What To Do Next:

  • Listen to episode 033 (link below) to how to create a priority list system for home, work or personal life.
  • Download the Room Inspection Checklist to get kids involved in cleaning/organizing.

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