022: Banking Time: 5 Tactics for Focusing on Your Priorities

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022: Banking Time: 5 Tactics for Focusing on Your Priorities

We spend time like it's endless, when really it's a finite commodity. If you start treating your time like you do your bank account, you'll find that there are ways we can find pockets of time in our daily schedules. Use these 5 actionable tactics for banking up your time and start getting more time for yourself and your priorities.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • Understand banking your time is just as important as saving money.
  • Learn the negative effects of always thinking you’re too busy.
  • Discover the banking time formula you need to use & evaluate.
  • Implement the 5 tactics to bank up time that you can use today.

What To Do Next:

  • Use the 5 tactics [listed in the resources & link section below] to bank up more time.
  • Download Moment from the app store (and use with the family if needed!)

Resources and Links

  • 5 Tactics to Banking Time:
    • Measure & reflect: Think about where you spend the majority of your time in your daily life. Ask yourself these questions: What are the activities that you do that get you the most results? The results that make you happy. What helps you advance towards your goals? Where can you cut your time waste? Determine what the most important things are and focus on those.
    • Automate your processes: For tasks that you do every day, week, or even month, set up automations. For example, we have a four-week automation calendar setup. Each task is assigned to the person who needs to complete it and it will repeat in 4 weeks. This lets you not have to think about it until it’s nearing time to complete again.
    • Reduce time spent at your workplace: Reduce meeting & meeting times. Think about asking for an agenda when you’re invited to a meeting, to see if you can determine whether it’s really essential for you to attend. That way, the meeting leader has to clarify what they called the meeting about in the first place. Even if you’re not the team leader, try to streamline your meeting so you can bank up your time.
    • Extending childcare time: Even adding on one extra hour can be helpful to you. Use that time purposely for yourself. Get smart about your kids activity time. For example, if your kid is always at soccer practice during the same time each week, maybe you could use that time between dropping them off and picking them up to do something for yourself. See if you can build a little bit of time in there for you to get a few things done.
    • Reduce technology use: Turn off your notifications. These distract from the tasks, and it cost you time to get back to work. You may be able to find huge pockets of time in the amount you spend on your phone. Most people are very distracted by their phone – and it takes real conscious work – not to get stuck down that rabbit hole.
  • Use  the Moment app to control how much time you spend on your phone.

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton