150: Building a Team Mentality

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150: Building a Team Mentality

Whether we know it or not, we're all managing a team. It could be a work team or our family; the concept is still the same. We have to continually work to build our team mentality and to have everyone contributing to the greater good of the group. Today I was joined by Kristi, a busy career woman with three teenagers and a husband who is feeling like she needs to take some things off of her plate. She shares how her family's hectic schedule poses a problem for outsourcing tasks. Together we create a plan for empowering her family members to take ownership of their assigned responsibilities. I discuss how outsourcing gives others the gift of being able to uplift us and the role communication plays in building a team mentality.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • Understanding that you really can’t “do it all”
  • Empowering our team to feel like they have ownership over their choices and days
  • Tackling outsourcing one chore at a time
  • Allowing others to lift us up from time to time
  • Using communication to help team members learn their roles and the values they bring

What To Do Next:

  • Start thinking about how you can build a team mentality in your home or work life. Brainstorm how you can empower others to take ownership and get everyone on board to contribute to a stronger, more cohesive team. 
  • Sign up for my free live video series, Let Go of the Holiday Hustle, to help bring more joy into your holiday season.
  • Download my free framework for how to delegate tasks to others. Use it to start to delegate tasks in your personal and work life to free up some more of your precious time. 

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton