070: Don’t Wait for Inspiration

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070: Don’t Wait for Inspiration

Feeling uninspired can keep us from going after our goals and dreams, leaving us dreading our work, and worse - keeping us from taking a single step to begin. I want to share a secret with you, though… it’s not about finding inspiration, it’s about being motivated. I’ll explain how those two feelings are different and the surprising way boundaries can set you free. We’ll use 5 different methods to create motivation so that you begin to make real progress and feel challenged and energized to keep going forward.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • Working within boundaries to increase freedom & inspiration
  • Why it’s more about your need for motivation, not inspiration
  • Measuring your progress to create awareness and challenge yourself
  • Decrease your risk of burnout with 5 ways you can boost motivation
  • Shifting your uninspired, unmotivated mindset with small steps

What To Do Next:

  • CLICK HERE to grab your Motivation Worksheet
  • Learn how to boost your creativity and motivate yourself in Episode 049.
  • Listen to my mini episode, The Week Ender, on Parkinson’s Law to learn more about how we expand work to fit the time we allow.

Resources and Links

FREE Download: Grab your Motivation Worksheet HERE to get started boosting motivation and inspiration.

Episodes Mentioned: episode 049, The Week Ender mini episode on Parkinson’s Law.

Overview of 5 Ways to Create Internal Motivation

  1. Take more breaks. Step away from your computer and reexamine the big picture
  2. Use past experiences as motivation. This is very similar to visualization… when you think about how you felt after completing work or tasks in the past, it will motivate you.
  3. Create a pre-game and pre-work routine. This will prime your brain to do specific types of tasks – just like an evening routine.
  4. Create a sense of teamwork (even if you work alone). Keep yourself accountable, find support and ask for help.
  5. Start really small. Sometimes we get too caught up in the big picture and it can de-motivate us.  Make commitments so small that you can’t fail and build up.


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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton