071: Are You a Self Interrupter?

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071: Are You a Self Interrupter?

We’re surrounded by technology, notifications, alarms, calls and the misconception that multitasking is a good thing, making it increasingly difficult to focus on real work. We often blame others for distracting us, but consider what you can actionably do to prevent interruptions from others - and yourself. Listen today and find out if you’re a self interrupter, why we distract ourselves and the 5 habits to cultivate that will increase your attention span, allowing you to hone in on any task you want to complete.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • Discover how ‘distractable’ you are – what do we do when nothing is occupying our attention?
  • How multitasking is hurting your productivity, and how to fix it with monotasking
  • Changing your brain and your behavior to diminish interruptions
  • 5 good habits that will boost your attention span and increase focus

What To Do Next:

  • Learn how to stop multitasking and start monotasking instead in episode 010.
  • Start mediation practice and increase your attention span through mindfulness in episode 064.

Resources and Links

  • Episodes mentioned in this episode: 010: The Magic of Monotasking and 064:Transform Your Productivity Through Mindfulness
  • Overview of 5 Habits To Increase Attention Span:
    • Own your space. Change your behavior by not allowing items that could distract you nearby.
    • Build your focus muscle. Push your attention limits gradually.
    • Give distractions their own space. Write down your random thoughts – don’t always act on them as soon as they pop into your head.
    • Put your brain on a break. Alternate between work and breaks. You can even start a meditation practice and become more mindful
    • Read longer articles books slowly. Allow yourself to enjoy learning and being invested in a good book or article, which will increase your focus time.
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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton