085: Eliminating Stress by Bending Time

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085: Eliminating Stress by Bending Time

Do some hours seem long and enjoyable while others feel fleeting and full of stress? Today, we are going to be talking about eliminating stress by bending time. We’ll talk about the impact planning fallacy has on our perception of time and how to make our important tasks more manageable and our days more enjoyable by using time buffers. We’ll also discuss the importance of lingering and six ideas that reinforce the idea of not rushing on to the very next thing.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • The concept and benefits of bending time
  • Reclaiming our time by intentionally scheduling for action, thought and conversation
  • The impact planning fallacy has on our future planning
  • Making our important tasks manageable by using time buffers
  • Six ideas to reinforce the idea of lingering

What To Do Next:

  • Watch this week’s video on my YouTube channel for a live walkthrough of our brand new, 2019 Planners: the liveWELL 360™
  • Find one moment, sometime in the coming week to linger a little bit longer, to savor the time, and enjoy the moment. Find some time on your calendar and pencil that in.

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton