112: Finding Your Financial Freedom

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112: Finding Your Financial Freedom

Today we’re taking a look at how to organize and streamline paperwork, bills, and expenses as well as how to set up systems to downsize debt and grow savings. We’ll talk about tools to make finances and saving easy and pain-free. These steps toward finding financial freedom can offer a big boost to your confidence and go far to help you to feel like more like the true you.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • How to best sort and organize paperwork
  • Using smart techniques to automate and simplify financial responsibilities
  • Creating systems that make saving simple and pain-free
  • Tools for avoiding the Diderot effect as income increases
  • Strategies to downsizing your debt

What To Do Next:

  • I understand that managing finances can be scary. It can be daunting and really overwhelming. But using some automation, setting up some good habits can help you stay on top of paying your bills, tracking your expenses and avoiding late fees, which is where a lot of us really get hit hard.

Resources and Links

  • Episodes Mentioned: 111: How to Organize Anything (Without Stress)
  • Steps to take toward organizing and streamlining your finances
  • How to organize your paperwork:
    • Prep
    • Sort
    • Purge
    • Organize
  • Systems for your bills:
    • My 15 second tip I do each day
    • Dedicated e-mail address for incoming bills
    • Pay bills on a consistent day
    • Set up recurring payments in your bank account
    • Make automatic payments to your savings
    • Use the cash envelope system

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton