014: Get Over FOMO: Focus on What’s Important

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014: Get Over FOMO: Focus on What’s Important

Discover how you can hone in and focus on your priorities without getting FOMO about missing other opportunities. For today’s episode, I’m talking about how FOMO is a major factor to developing trends and to how we perceive the many situations around us. I’ll discuss a few of my favorite tips to start breaking that feeling many of us get when we have to choose between what to do.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • Learn what the focus is for season 2 and why.
  • How Steve Jobs got over the Fear Of Missing Out.
  • The history of the word priority.
  • How and why we experience FOMO.
  • The number one regret of people on their deathbeds.



What To Do Next:

  • Realize that you probably won’t be doing the coolest thing ever at every single moment.
  • Recognize what you have.
  • Prioritize your relationships over the material things you have.
  • Tame your information overload.
  • Turn off notifications.
  • Limit screen time.
  • Focus on the time you have with the people who are important to you.

Resources and Links

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10 trends caused by FOMO:

  1. Trying to pursue a career, enjoy family life plus social activities, hobbies, fitness training, and more.
  2. Being constantly connected via our phones and social media, available to communicate in every possible way.
  3. We now participate in communities rather than belong to them. We take part of several different communities, virtual or real, at any given time, on a temporary basis, avoiding total commitment to any one of them.
  4. People who are considered more ‘interesting’ have a wide range of interests and occupations, they make changes to their appearance, their clothing style might vary, and they exhibit openness to explore new concepts, designs, and cuisines.
  5. Our lives are characterized by ‘nowness’ and we are quick to respond to opportunities and to adopt new behaviors, styles, products, and brands, though we are just as quick to forget about them.
  6. As part of our ‘nowness’ we are constantly on the lookout for new experiences preferring instant gratifications to the good things which come to those who wait.
  7. We are horrified at the thought of aging, the ultimate missing out. We try every anti-aging preventative means, undergo plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments, use make up and look for the fashion trends in lower age groups to look younger.
  8. Many people live in more than one family unit during their lifetime and have more than one meaningful intimate relationship.
  9. Many men and women experience mid-life crises and choose to take a break from their lives to explore different experiences.
  10. Relocations to different cities and countries are common. We want to sample life elsewhere and find out what new possibilities they hold for us.

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FOMO is a major factor to that bad feeling many of us get when we have to choose between what to do. Learn how to get over FOMO starting today.

Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton