032: Habits: The Four Tendencies with Gretchen Rubin

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032: Habits: The Four Tendencies with Gretchen Rubin

Author and speaker, Gretchen Rubin discusses how we can live happier lives by creating good habits through knowing ourselves. We often think it’s too difficult not only to create good habits, but to keep up with them as well. By using Gretchen’s quiz on The Four Tendencies and being aware of loopholes you may use, you’ll be able to cultivate systems and habits that work for you and your lifestyle.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • Learn the Four Tendencies Framework: Figure out if you’re an Upholder, Questioner, Obliger or Rebel so that you can learn how to best create good habits
  • Discover ten different loopholes you may be using to get out of your good habits.
  • Hear the Story of the Growing Heap – How ‘one coin’ can affect your consistency of good or bad habits.
  • How to create habits for tasks that aren’t always easy or black and white.
  • One action item from Gretchen that you can do today to successfully create YOUR good habits.

What To Do Next:

  • Take Gretchen’s quiz by clicking on the link below in the Resources & Links section.
  • Visit the inkWELL Press Productivity Co. Facebook Group to join others in discussing this episode and creating good habits today.

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