146: How Boundaries Will Set You Free

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146: How Boundaries Will Set You Free

Do you want freedom over your days and time? If you do, you’ll need to learn how to set boundaries with those around you. If you’ve been craving the ability to have ownership over these two things then I know today’s episode will resonate with you. Today I had a chat with Donna, an entrepreneur, wife and mother to two high school boys. She has been feeling tugged in way too many directions and overwhelmed with not having enough hours in her day to accomplish all she needs to. We took a look at how she’s saying “yes” to everyone but herself and how she could change that. We discuss a strategy that will allow her to sit down with her family to determine where she can provide the most value which will ultimately align her to be able to say “no” to others so she can begin to say “yes” to herself.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • Struggling to have ownership over your day and time
  • Realizing that sometimes, less is more
  • Figuring out what is most valuable so you can determine where to say “yes”
  • Learning how to separate a request from the relationship
  • Using the sandwich strategy to say “no” with ease

What To Do Next:

  • Where are you saying “yes” in your life where you shouldn’t be? Take some time to reflect on this. Set some boundaries with family, friends and even at work around saying “yes”. Think about where your time is most valuable and focus on only saying “yes” to what aligns with this.
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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton