049: How To Boost Your Creativity & Work Effectively

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049: How To Boost Your Creativity & Work Effectively

It’s time to weed through our ideas and look at them with a fresh perspective. Learn how you can let go of old, stale ideas in order to pursue your new, tweaked ones. I’ll share ways you can boost and foster your creativity, as well as tips for getting past your creative roadblocks. After listening to today’s episode, you’ll be able to embrace the whitespace and allow yourself to work effectively and creatively going forward.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • Examples of how you may be living in idea debt, causing you to stand still instead of move forward.
  • Actionable tips on ways you can increase and foster your creativity right now.
  • What to do with your stale ideas so you allow yourself to work effectively towards what really matters most.
  • Three ideas for how you can get past roadblocks and allow yourself to think freely and creatively.
  • Why boredom is actually a good thing, and how to start embracing your whitespace.

What To Do Next:

  • Listen to episode 016 to learn about sunk cost bias and see if you’re spending time on things that no longer serve you and move you forward.
  • Listen to episode 043 to find out if you have analysis paralysis, which keeps you from taking actionable steps toward a goal, and instead keeps you in the research phase.

Resources and Links

5 ways to increase and foster your creativity:

  • Add to your knowledge – Do this through reading works from different authors or in various genres.
  • Broaden your experiences – Join in on new experiences and going to events that will increase your brain activity and give you new perspectives on life.
  • Keep notes – Use a journal to write down and collect your thoughts. It will be helpful to see the breadcrumbs of where you’ve been when you get to where you want to go. Let your ideas morph over time.
  • Separate the creative process from the incubation process – Separate those two processes. For example, the research and writing phase: don’t try to research and write an article at the same time. Instead, gather materials and then write. You can consume more inspiration, take it all in, and then get into work mode.
  • Use your powerful moods – It’s been thought for a long time that happiness is the ideal state to work in creatively. Research now shows that creativity increases when both positive and negative emotions are high. You don’t have to force negative moods to create, but next time you’re in one, try to focus that energy into creating something.

3 ways to get past creative blocks:

  • Give Yourself limitations – when we have an overabundance of resources or time, we’re unsure how to move forward and where to focus.
  • Don’t simply think of the end-goal
  • Embrace the whitespace – let your brain have room and space so that you’re more likely to come up with creative and new ideas.
Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton