074: How to Fight Procrastination

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074: How to Fight Procrastination

When we think of procrastination, it’s easy to believe that it is simply about poor time management, but in reality it has nothing to do with time management and everything to do with our emotions. Today, I’m sharing the most common excuses we use to justify our procrastination & tips on how to combat each of those excuses. It is so important to press into the excuses we give, to recognize the harm that procrastination is doing to your work and to commit to change.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • Fight Procrastination: Why it’s not about time management
  • Letting go of the shame & guilt associated with procrastination
  • Questions to ask yourself when you can’t get started on a task
  • 6 excuses you’re using to justify procrastination & tips on how to combat each
  • Commit to tackle your procrastination mindset


What To Do Next:

  • Listen to Episode 053 to learn how you can become your future self and stop holding back.
  • Recognize the harm that procrastination is doing to your work and commit to change through staying accountable with others, being intentional or even keeping inspiring notes near your workspace.

Resources and Links

  • 6 Excuses You’re Using to Justify Procrastination:
  1. This Really Isn’t That Important
  2. I Don’t Know Where to Begin
  3. There Are Too Many Other Things to Do
  4. It’s Too Easy
  5. I Don’t Like It And I Don’t Want to Do It
  6. I Don’t Think I Can Do It

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton