143: How To (Realistically) Make The Leap

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143: How To (Realistically) Make The Leap

Taking the leap toward your biggest dreams can feel scary or even downright terrifying. There’s a reason they call it “taking a leap” because we often are unsure of what the outcome will be. While there are risks that come with going after what you want, there are also a lot of risks that come from avoiding opportunity. Today, I’m sharing how to strategically make the leap so you can feel like you have a plan and know the risks involved. I’ll dive into how to reverse engineer a plan with the end goal in mind, how to determine which risks are worth taking and how to assess the positive outcomes that could come with taking risks.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • Starting with the end in mind so you can reverse engineer a plan
  • Recognizing that you’ll have to trudge through the highs and lows
  • Assessing positive outcomes that come with taking risks
  • How to know which risks are worth taking
  • 4 things to consider as you are assessing risks and creating a plan

What To Do Next:

  • Think about the leap you’ve been wanting to take in your life, whether that’s a new job, career change, business or whatever else has been placed on your heart. Keep the end in mind and develop a plan.
  • Pick up a copy of my book, The Joy of Missing Out anywhere books are sold or by ordering online!

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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton