050: Pursuing & Achieving Big Dreams with Niki Nakayama

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050: Pursuing & Achieving Big Dreams with Niki Nakayama

Overcoming naysayers and pushing herself to do her best work, world famous chef, Niki Nakayama, opened up her own highly acclaimed restaurant, n/naka. Niki discusses how she broke through personal and cultural expectations to go after her big dream. Learn about an inspiring woman who is pursuing her goals in spite of limitations, rules and criticism. After today’s episode, you’ll be motivated to take action on your own big dreams and goals.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • What we can learn from the Japanese term, kuyashii, and how Niki overcame the expectation that she was to be a supporting character to the men in her life.
  • How Niki broke through personal and social barriers in her different environments.
  • The process of how Niki let go of her old dream and idea and started a new creative endeavor.
  • How limitations or rules can actually allow more creativity, instead of containing you.
  • How Niki chooses to represent herself in her kaiseki restaurant and in a male dominated industry
  • Using criticism to motivate you, instead of having a negative experience and quitting.

What To Do Next:

Resources and Links

  • Watch the quick trailer for Niki’s episode on Netflix’s Chef’s Table here.
  • Learn more about Niki and her restaurant, n/naka.
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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton