096: Overcoming Your Distractions with Chris Bailey

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096: Overcoming Your Distractions with Chris Bailey

Why is mindfulness so important when it comes to productivity? Today, Chris Bailey & I will be discussing productivity, mindfulness, and his books, The Productivity Project and Hyperfocus. Chris is a productivity expert who speaks to organizations around the globe on how to become more productive without hating the process. We will also be sharing about the importance of taking time to let our minds wander and the benefits that come from that time.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • Why mindfulness is so important for leading productive lives
  • How we create meaning for our lives through what we focus on
  • Recognizing the impact the information that we consume has on our happiness
  • Controlling our attention and eliminating distractions
  • Being intentional in taking timeouts to deliberately let our attention scatter

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