026: Make the Most of Your Weekend

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026: Make the Most of Your Weekend

Do you get to Sunday night and wonder where the weekend went? We just need to streamline your Saturdays and Sundays for success so you can actually enjoy your time. We often feel the need to work throughout our weekend, but in today’s episode I’m giving 5 tips on how to combat working on the weekend. I’ll also share research on why it’s important to take this time off so you can maximize your productivity for the week ahead.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • How to cut back on weekend work, emails, texts, to-dos and more using my 5 easy and actionable strategies.
  • Learn to consistently make the most of your weekends by streamlining Saturday and Sunday for success.
  • See what the newest research and studies say about how our brain, health and productivity are affected by working weekends.
  • Steps to creating good habits on the weekend so that you work less and spend more time on the right tasks and people.
  • Why you need to create hours of availability and hours of business (and the big difference between the two!)

What To Do Next:

  • Listen to episode 25: Taking Back Your Fridays for tips on what to do with your Fridays.
  • Use the tips in the Links and Resources section below to learn how to cut back on working weekends.
  • Use the Weekend Bucket List download (linked below) or by filling out the pop-up form on this page and see what amazing things you can do with your weekends.

Resources and Links

  • CLICK HERE to download your Weekend Bucket List Worksheet!
  • Listen to Episode 025 to start your weekend off right by taking back YOUR Fridays.
  • Tips for Cutting Back on your Working Weekends
    • Take back your Fridays: Take care of tasks and anything else that will get you ready for Monday. Use Friday to ease into your weekend. Listen to Episode 025 to get the best tips on exactly what to do every Friday to set yourself up for success.
    • Create pre-written texts/emails: For times when your boss or co-workers contact you on weekends, you’ll have already written out responses and will be able to hit send with only a few modifications to the message. This sets boundaries and trains people to know when you’re available.
    • Enlist the help of your family: Have your family and friends keep you accountable. Ask them remind you that you’re not supposed to be working on the weekends if they see you replying to emails, texts, etc.
    • Keep a running to-do list: As you go through your weekend and have ideas pop into your head or remember things you need to get done for work, simply write them down in a notepad, planner or piece of paper so that you don’t forget and can revisit on Monday.
    • Remember what it’s all for: Stop borrowing from today to make tomorrow great. We tell ourselves, “If I work hard now, I’ll get to enjoy myself eventually. I’m going to work like a dog for these first 10 years, and then I’m really going to enjoy myself after that.” I want to encourage you to enjoy the moment you’re in.
  • Know the difference between hours of business and hours of availability. Business hours are times when you’re working and aren’t available to respond to people because you’re working on important tasks. Availability hours are for responding to emails and calls while you’re working.
  • For to-do’s and chores, try compressing these into smaller blocks of time on your weekends. For example, schedule a few hours on Saturday morning for chores, then reward yourself with a nice lunch out or catch up on your favorite book/TV show.
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Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton