028: Walk Away From Perfection

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028: Walk Away From Perfection

Perfectionism can take over when we’re trying complete tasks - from small projects to our biggest goals. Today I’m discussing the signs we should look out for to know whether or not we really may be perfectionists and how that cycle can be broken. With these 5 actionable strategies, you’ll be able to let go and walk away from your perfectionist mindset once and for all.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • Why we go after perfectionism in the different areas of our lives and the cycle of it.
  • How learning from your mistakes creates a better system for yourself.
  • Signs and examples of how you can know if you’re a perfectionist.
  • Why we need to “stop smashing our marble jar.”
  • Tips to creating a healthier mindset instead of keeping the cycle of a perfectionist one.
  • How high-stress perfectionism can affect your mental health.

What To Do Next:

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  • Signs You May be a Perfectionist:
    • You feel weighed down by your goals with a sense or a feeling that you won’t succeed or do as well as you’d like.
    • You anticipate the perfect moment to do something, which means you really just end up procrastinating, and then you often just don’t get things done.
    • Obsessing with correcting small mistakes, even when they have no real impact on the big picture, and sometimes at the expense of your true priorities.
    • You maybe are extremely hard on yourself, especially when something goes wrong, no matter how big or how small.

Your 5 Steps to Letting Go of Perfectionism

  1. Stop referring to yourself or others as perfect or not perfect. We all have bits of perfectionism tendencies in us, but we’re all human, so you never have to apologize or defend yourself. You don’t have to judge yourself or others to this unattainable idea.
  2. Practice self-compassion. This allows you to give yourself the same understanding and kindness you give to others. Having compassion means you offer understanding and kindness when someone fails. Try to think of your mistakes as lessons. Allow yourself to make mistakes, because they give you opportunities to grow.
  3. Let go of the mindset, ‘I am what I accomplish, and how well I accomplish it.’ Authenticity is a practice that you choose every day by letting go of what other people think. Treat new opportunities, new experiences like a rough draft. It’s rare for someone to go and try something and do it extraordinarily well the first time. But trying something is the first step at being good at it.
  4. Do a reality check. Ask yourself these questions: Are my expectations attainable? Are my thoughts factual or are they interpretations? Am I jumping to conclusions? Is this situation really as bad as I’m making it out to be? Spoiler alert … It’s probably not. I am guilty of that a lot. Ask yourself, what’s the worst thing that could happen? How likely is that to happen? And here’s a great one. Will this matter in five years? At a pivotal moment in my life, will this moment actually matter? I’m guessing that a lot of times, you’ll answer no.
  5. Keep note of your accomplishments. Write down what you get done at the end of each day. You’ll start to feel more accomplished, regardless of whether those things turned out perfectly or not.
  • Use an inkWELL Press Daily Download for just one minute and think through your entire day. This will help you look at what you have accomplished, while motivating you to keep doing your best!

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Walk Away from Perfection, episode 028 of Productivity Paradox podcast, Tonya Dalton discusses how to let go of your perfectionist ways.

Tonya Dalton
Tonya Dalton