040: Working Towards Big Goals & Dreams

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040: Working Towards Big Goals & Dreams

Today we start season 4, and I’m discussing BIG Goals & Dreams. Your dreams and goals can bring feelings of motivation and excitement, along with thoughts of fear and failure. I’ll guide you through the questions you should ask yourself before and during your journey toward whatever it is you want most. Learn why your mindset is a powerful tool when shifting your path and plans toward your big dream.

Show Notes

What’s In This Episode:

  • The important question to ask yourself to help propel you toward your big dream.
  • Why negative experiences are pertinent to finding & achieving your passion.
  • The key to changing your mindset for the journey ahead as you work for your end result.
  • Examples of how others have shifted their paths and plans to make the journey more ideal for their lifestyle.

What To Do Next:

  • Lookout for a new mini-episode of The Week Ender this Friday, Oct. 20. I’m sharing my personal journey and the hardships I went through while creating inkWELL Press.
  • Join in our conversation over at inkWELL Press Productivity Co. all about productivity, time management, goal setting and work & life harmony.
  • Create and maintain your own customized productivity systems. Learn more about The liveWELl Method™, my new online course designed to guide you toward your peak productivity.

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